Motion Design

I love implementing motion designs on the web and imagining ways in which a static design can be animated. Motion is fundamental to how people understand the physical environment around them. Our brains have a dedicated visual processing center (similar to a GPU!) that can process user interfaces seamlessly and free up our conscious mind to stay focused on the larger task (eg, completing a checkout process or learning about something new).

However, if the motion doesn't "feel real", is unexpected, or is too extreme, our brain's GPU interrupts our conscious mind to figure out what's going on. I'm passionate getting motion design right and I get great satisfaction tweaking easing curves until the UI animation feels as natural possible. I'm looking for opportunities to work with people who are as excited about motion as I am.

Pixel Perfection

I have a great design eye and I love figuring out what CSS and media queries (and sometimes JS) I need to bring a designer's vision to life. Spacing issues are a big deal to me (I use a page ruler browser plugin to check my work), I know that the right gray depends on the colors in use around it, and too much content on the screen at once is like nails on a chalkboard. I want to work with people who are passionate about making stunning designs so I can build stunning web experiences.

A User-Centered Universe

I'm happiest and most productive when I'm working on user-facing interfaces or trying to improve a design for the user. I want a workplace where everyone understands how easy it is to get out of sync with the user's needs, and is careful to think about everything in the user's frame of reference.

Crossfit for Brains

It feels great when I train regularly and keep improving my skills. Working with people who are better or different than I am is a great way to keep learning. And a lot of learning happens through teaching too, so I'd like to mentor newer developers as well. I want a workplace that recognizes all these things and fosters them.

What's Right

I care a lot about helping move society forward. I spend a decent chunk of my personal life volunteering for civic and environmental matters, like climate change and local zoning. I'd like to work on something that feels important to me like those issues do.