“Even when you're writing code explicitly intended for the machine, you're still writing. For other people. Fallible, flawed, distracted human beings just like you. And that's the truly difficult part.”– Jeff Atwood, Co-founder, Stack Overflow

I value good writing, and I strive to write well, whether it's emails to friends and colleagues, or op-eds to newspapers and magazines. I believe my writing skills help me write better code that's easy to understand and modify. During code reviews I often suggest ways to make code more readable, and I enjoy refactoring my own code to make it simpler.

Below are some writing samples that provide an example of my voice, my personality, and my critical thinking skills.

Press Release

Screenshot of the Run/Walk for Climate Change Press Release
Barbara Schlachter Run/Walk for Victims of Climate Change


As a member of my local newspaper's Writer’s Group, I regularly write 700-word op-eds on climate change issues. The Press-Citizen newspaper has a potential audience of 150,000 people.

Letters to the Editor

Photo of More Coverage Needed letter to the editor
Photo of Supervisors letter to the editor
Photo of School Board letter to the editor