Visual Design

Here, I showcase some of the logos, stickers, and t-shirts I've designed in my spare time.

Run/Walk 5k Logo

I designed this logo for a charity run/walkthat I organized in April 2017. I tried to design the logo so that it was clear what the race participants were raising money for. I also tried to keep the level of detail down so it would work well on a t-shirt.

Iowa Transplant Bumper Sticker

Iowa has a famous "Iowa Native" sticker. My wife is from Illinois but considers herself an Iowan now, so I designed this sticker for her. I've put it up for sale online and at a few local shops, and it's been pretty popular in the area.

Iowa Transplant logo

Random mini-van with Iowa Transplant stickers on it
A random mini-van I saw at a recreational area near Iowa City.

Major League Reading

I love baseball, and I also love reading. I wanted to create a sticker that would help celebrate reading as much as people celebrate sports. The design was noticed by Signals catalog, and I licensed the design to them for a year. It's also available online and in local shops.

Major League Reading sticker

Iowa City Book Festival

Due to my involvement in the local t-shirt scene and my wife's involvement in the Iowa City literary community, I was asked to do the t-shirts for the 2011 Iowa City Book Festival t-shirts. Below is the design I created using the festival's logo.

Iowa Book Festival logo